Wk 13- Artsist Conversation- Carmina Correa

Xylose -Glucose 

Artist: Carmina Correa

Exhibition: C12H22O11

sugar, foam, noodles

About the Artist: Carmina is a BFA Sculpting student at CSULB. She is a senior and will be graduating. Yay! She enjoys being out in nature, doing art, and is a video gamer. Carmina is a Type 2 diabetic.

Formal Analysis: Carmina is a Type 2 diabetic. This illness is what inspired her to do her art exhibit. This art gallery shows how an illness can impact ones life. ” Definition of sugar: a food group that a person with Type 2 diabetes has a complicated relationship with.” In her statement posted on the wall she used many computer codes because she spends most of her time either on a computer or in the art room on campus creating art.

Content Analysis: To create her exhibit she use sugar for the majority of her exhibit and some modeling foam.

Synthesis / My Experience: I enjoyed her exhibit a lot because I could relate to it. In 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer. So I had to take chemo and steroids. While on these medications, I developed many side effects. Such as steroid induced diabetes. My sugar levels would be in to 400’s …which is high ( normal sugar is around 120). Carmina shared with me the struggles she faces on a daily basis. She expressed that she sometimes wakes up with her glucose levels already at 300. I can relate to her because this was often the case with me when I was temporarily diabetic. I understand how frustrating it can be and how annoying it is to check your glucose and inject your self with insulin. Overall, I enjoyed her exhibit! I have to say it was the most relatable and meaningful exhibit I have seen all semester. Thank you Carmina!!


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Wk 13- Classmate Conversation- Jennifer Drees and Eliza Karpel

Jenn, Priscilla (Me), Eliza

For this weeks artist conversation, I talked with both Jenn and Eliza.

I met Jenn prior to this classmate convo, we often ran into each other during class in the galleries. Jenn is a psychology major with a minor in human development. She is a junior at CSULB, after pursuing psychology and human development, Jenn is thinking about nursing school. Currently, Jenn works as a baby-sitter.

Eliza is a Freshman at CSULB. Eliza is also, a musician. She plays the euphonium. However, this instrument is not very common and it is difficult to find teachers who know how to teach her particular instrument. So she changed her major from music to fashion merchandize because she has always been interested in business. On her free time she enjoys swing dancing.

WK 12- Art Experience- Ethnography



Spending the night without electricity was interesting. I started this assignment around 8pm (about 30minutes after sunset). When the sun went down I felt pretty lost. I didn’t really know what to do. I decided to spend the night without electricity in the living room. I spent the first hour just laying on the couch with candles lit on the coffee table. After an hour passed my sister decided to join me. I was so happy because I was bored. With my sister there it felt as if time flew by. We spent most of the night talking. We talked about life, our futures, guys, movies, and pretty much everything else you can think of. We did not really know what else to do so we just knocked out. However, prior to sleeping I did enjoy quality time with my sister.

  1. What did you think the experience would be like?

I honestly thought that this would be a pretty easy assignment, but boy was I wrong.

  1. Was it “easy” or “hard”?

I thought this assignment was pretty difficult. If I were by myself I would have just probably slept the night away.

  1. “Frustrating” or “Liberating”?

I though this assignment would be a nice way to relax and disconnect from the world. I soon realized how lonely I felt without technology though. Thankfully, my sister joined me during this project and kept me company.

  1. Did you get better sleep? Are you usually sleep deprived? What would it be like to sleep well every night?

I felt like I slept pretty well. I did not notice a difference.

  1. How is living without electricity more organic or harmonious with nature?

Blocking all electricity did help me hear nature. I heard sounds that I normally do not. For example, I could hear the wind    rattling the trees and dogs barking.

  1. How is living without electricity more limited? Is it boring?

I thought it was boring. Sadly, I realized how much I depend on technology. I felt that living without electricity was limited and frustrating.

  1. How do you think people survived without constant stimulation?

I feel that it takes a well-adapted person to live without electricity. I found it difficult to accomplish simple tasks.


Wk 12- Artist Conversation- Alice Andreini

unnamed-1            unnamed-2unnamed-3                  unnamed


Artist: Alice Andreini

Exhibition: No-Mans Land

Oil, Cold wax medium on canvas, Impasto gel on canvas

Max L. Gatov Gallery East

About the Artist: Alice is a MFA student, who is majoring in drawing in painting. She is going to graduate this spring. Alice feels as if art is her whole life. Art consumes her. However, she does do some social work. In the future, she hopes to teach art and keep painting.

Formal Analysis: In her exhibit she attempts to critique landscapes. She says that landscapes appear innocent, but there is so much more behind it. “The idealism is evident in the aesthetic of the picturesque landscape, in which the violence of conquest, acquisition, and territorial conflicts is concealed by the glamour of a sentimentalized aesthetic.”

Content Analysis: She used: Oil, Cold wax medium on canvas, Impasto gel on canvas to create her art pieces.

Synthesis / My Experience: I enjoyed walking through her gallery because I thought it was thought provoking. At first when I walked through her gallery I thought that her gallery was full of volcanoes. Her structures looked so unique that people could not agree on what it was a representation of. Some other interpretations were that it could be an in door pool or disco dance floor, or mirrors. When in reality it was a golf course. I enjoyed that her art possessed so many interpretations and had the ability to thought provoke people. Her art work did call for time and questioning. Almost, everyone who saw it… stared… thought… and then expressed their thoughts. Her art work did accomplish making the viewer stop and question the structures on the canvas. Overall, I enjoyed her art.




Wk 11- Artist Conversation- Geometry of Grief

Artist: Soroush Moghim

Geometry of Grief

Clay, silicon, urethane resin, crystal clear, cross stitch, bronze , plexy glass

Max L. Gatov Gallery East

About the Artist: Soroush is a senior majoring in Sculpture. He was born in Iran. On his free time he likes rock climbing, nature, photography, the movies, and food. He is fascinated by nature and by what other people create.  He loves music, his friend actually produce the music you hear while walking through the gallery.

Formal Analysis: “My art is pointing at the sublime, which lies hidden in the ordinary. Excellence in design is only an illusion. In embracing the imperfection of design I feel closer to something real. Similarly I embrace the imperfection on human connection, along with all the happiness and grief that overshadows it daily. I find inspiration in the simple things that surround me everyday. Like the beaming sun through the trees, or ripples on the walls reflected by colorful lights, both of which are layered in one of my installations here.”

Content Analysis: He used clay then mold silicon then casted with urethane resin, crystal clear

Synthesis / My Experience: I enjoyed walking through his gallery. I liked that it was dark with nature sounds in the background. It made the gallery have a serene vibe. I thought it was fascinating and beautiful. His violin blew my mind it was complex and detailed and just beautiful. (ps. he made it !!!) I also enjoyed seeing the cross stitch his mother made. Thank you for sharing your art.

Wk 11- Classmate Conversation- Alexandra Sandoval & Esmeralda Mendez

Me, Esmeralda, Alex

Today I had the pleasure of speaking to two new friends, Alex and Esmeralda. 

About Alex:

Alex is a 2nd year Kinesiology- Exercise Science major at CSULB. Alex is a full time student who also works full time at Round 1 bowling alley at Lakewood mall. So she hardly has free time. She aspires to be a physical therapist. In high school she tore her ACL and meniscus, so unfortunately she can no longer play sports competitively. Alex also likes drawing and has a tattoo! Her tattoo says, “Happiness” it is located on her rib cage.


About Esmeralda: 

Esmeralda is 22 years old. She is a 4th years student at CSULB and is majoring in Sociology and minoring in Child Development. At first she wanted to be a teacher but then found that she did not like teaching because the courses were repetitive. For right now she is soul searching. She is currently a full time student who works at LA Fitness. Something that surprised me about Esmeralda is that she ran in a 26 mile LA marathon in high school!!! And finished !!!!

Wk 10 – Artist Conversation- Brittany Waters

Artist: Brittany Waters


Low fire clay, glazed

Dutzi Gallery

About the Artist: Brittany is a graduating senior who is majoring in ceramics (BFA). She intends to look for grad schools in Oregon after graduatiom. She wants to move out of California. She enjoys the art that the East Coast has to offer. Brittany loves working with clay. She drew her inspiration from the beach in Hawaii.

Formal Analysis: Brittany’s exhibit brings awareness to turtle nesting grounds. She says, “I want to create a sense of awe, and remind people of the beauty and tranquility of a beach that serves a different purpose, more than just a sandbox it can be a habitat for beautiful fragile creatures.”

Content Analysis: Brittany used low fire clay and then glazed her ceramics.

Synthesis / My Experience: I enjoyed walking through her exhibit because it took me to the beach. I enjoyed seeing all of the little sea turtles walking towards the ocean. I felt as if I was watching the turtles hatch right in front of me. I enjoyed that she took such a beautiful thing in nature and brought it into the gallery. I also like that she actually brought sand into the gallery. This really transformed the gallery into the beach.



Wk 10- Art Experience- The Wedge


Shout out to the CSULB student who volunteered to take a picture with the wedge.


unnamed-3 The USU Wedge, is known as a pedestrian traffic jam. Some people love this and some people hate this wedge. However, all CSULB students know about this wedge and acknowledge this architecture. In my sketch above, I decided to do two sketches. The first  sketch keeps the original wedge, and incorporates more wedges to improve the flow of traffic. For the second sketch, I decided to knock out the middle piece so that the wedge is eliminated so students can cross through a giant square that has plenty of room. I feel that both these sketches can improve the flow of traffic.  To sum up my plans, sketch one would keep the wedge and the second would eliminate the wedge. These both would eliminate traffic jams. I feel that sketch one would be ideal because it keeps the beloved wedge and incorporates more wedges. Those who do not like the wedge mostly dislike it because they dread the pedestrian jam it creates. Sketch one would allow students to walk through several wedges, thus improving the flow of traffic. I feel that student would enjoy walking through sketch one and reminisce about the times when the had to squeeze through the CSULB wedge. Overall, I feel that sketch one is the best.

Wk 9 – Artist Conversation- Antonio Hernandez

Artist: Antonio Hernandez unnamed

One Body

Acrylic paint, cardboard,paper, bubble wrap

Max L. Gatov Gallery East

About the Artist: Antonio is a freshman at CSULB. He is originally from south Los Angeles and is dorming at Beachside. He is studying pre-marketing, but he doesn’t feel like that major will stick. He is interested in film and enjoys going to the movies with friends. He is in a Christian club at school known as Inter-Varsity. In the club they have bible study where they worship God. Antonio feels that he is growing in his spirituality. As a club they decided to do an art project based around God and different communities. The art galley is full of individual art pieces by different artist, yet they all share the same theme “communities”. The group worked on this art gallery for about 2months.

Formal Analysis: This is an exhibition about ” being in a community of friends and family that came from different backgrounds.”  This exhibit shows differences within communities. “Despite our conflicts, we could reconcile and forgive one another because of our faith in Jesus. We learn to accept one another, despite our differences, because Jesus has accepted and forgave us first.”

Content Analysis: Antonio used acrylic paint, cardboard,paper, bubble wrap to create his bridge.

Synthesis / My Experience: I enjoyed seeing this gallery because it was diverse. I enjoyed the fact that the art was created by both art and non-art majors. I also enjoyed that so many people contributed to this art gallery which was perfect since this exhibition focused on different communities. I felt that this art exhibit was spiritually uplifting and positive. I enjoyed seeing art that displays despite all our differences we are all humans. Our diversity and acceptance of one another is what makes the world go round.

Wk 9 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

This week we had to spray paint our name in bubble letters. I started by asking my dad if we had any spray paint. He said that we should have some somewhere in the garage. After looking for about 10min for the spray paint at last we found them. He had black, yellow, and white. Unfortunately, there was no more black. I knew we had cardboard so I decided to spray paint on it. I first set the cardboard on the table and sketched the bubble letters with a pencil. After sketching, I placed the cardboard on the floor and started to spray paint onto it. I used the white and yellow spray paint, but halfway through I ran out of yellow. I kind of expected to run out of yellow spray paint since my name is 9 letters long and the bottle felt light. So, I decided to finger paint the rest of it. I enjoyed this activity, but sadly I did not have time to go to the Venice Art Walls. One day I need to make a trip out there to check out the art work.