Wk 5- Artist Conversation -Yeri Hwang


Artist: Yeri Hwang

Within Us

wood, plaster, latex, acrylic, drywall, gears, electronics, mirrors and fake candles.

Max L. Gatov Gallery East


Instagram/ Twitter: yeriyeti

About the Artist: Yeri is a multidisciplinary artist. She does illustration and kinetic sculptures. She is a senior at CSULB, and is majoring in Studio Art (BSN). Besides art she enjoys story telling and graphic novels. When she did art she originally focused on animation, but then decided to broaden her horizon and explore different kinds of art, such as electronic art as seen in her exhibition. She started doing this sort of electronic/ interactive art about a year ago. She says that her art is made for everyone and not just art majors. She says that it is not fair that some art, requires you to be an art major to understand it. When asked how she feels to see her work open to the public, she responded with ” It is scary to see others view my art.”

Formal Analysis: The works in this piece were made with wood, plaster, latex, acrylic, drywall, gears, electronics, mirrors and fake candles.

Content Analysis: Yeri claims that in her exhibition, ” Each piece in this space are common motifs we see in a narrative; there is a specific order to this particular narrative. I ask of you to become the protagonist of this world and play in this space where we all unite under our fundamental need for a story. Take on this journey.” She also talks about conquering traumas and our ideal versions of our past, present, and future.

Synthesis / My Experience: I enjoyed her exhibition because it was interactive. I had a fun time pressing buttons, moving gears, and touching the sword. Her exhibition made me feel in control and powerful. My favorite piece was ” Choice and Commitment” (the sword), because it was captioned with” We all have to make decisions that we are never sure if it is right. When the time comes, take a leap of faith. Grab your sword and take on the world.” This was so powerful because I felt as if I was in control of my life and could conquer anything that gets in my way. When I touched the sword, it lit up and then fell over. (gaaaaaasssppp!!!)  Luckily, Yeri fixed it and told me that her art was ok. We joked about it by saying ,”the sword chose me”! I was also blown away by her baby art piece “Destiny” as a student pursuing nursing, of course I geeked out seeing it! I really enjoyed that Yeri asked us to put our names on a piece of paper and then put it into the baby through the umbilical cord. It was as if I was connected with her art piece. Overall I loved her art and had so much fun in her gallery.

Here are her art works below:



Wk 5-Art Experience-Automatic Drawing

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I had a fun time doing this Art Experience with my sister Briana. Today is Saturday, it is chilly and everything outside is wet (yesterday there was a storm). My sister and I were at home with nothing to do. I mentioned to her that I had an art assignment due next week but we could do it today if she wanted to. She agreed, so we went to the store to get a piece of paper, went straight home and then sat in the living room to do the activity. It was very funny, because she kept yelling at me to stop forcing her to move the marker one way. To be fair we then switched, so that her hand was on the bottom. She claimed that this gave her a little more control. After this was settled, we drew in silence with our eyes shut alternating the color of the markers.  We free drew for a good 5 minutes in a dim lit room, with our eyes still shut. Once we were all done we took a photo and then I started to add onto what we had made. I added more colors and details and did not realize that almost an hour had passed by and I was still adding to the drawing. So I decided to leave it as is. Thank you Briana for helping me do this activity, I had a great time!

Ps.  Briana, yes I will buy you your hot cheetos for helping me out!

This is how our Automatic Drawing turned out. (Below)


Going Beyond: I  added details to the original Automatic Drawing. (Below)unnamed-4

Wk 4- Art Experience-Art Care Package


For my Art Care Package (ACP) I decided to put something together for my nineteen-year-old sister, Briana, who lives in Long Beach. Creating this art care package for my sister was really fun! I enjoyed thinking about things that she would enjoy and things that I wanted her to remember. To put this package together, it did take a while because I ran around the house looking for things to include in her package. I wanted everything in the package to carry meaning or a story. In our family we enjoy going to the movies, so I decided to include some old movie tickets. I also included some makeup like: lip gloss, lipstick, blush,  eyeshadow and a brush because we both feel that makeup is art. I also, added my two world collages that I made when I was receiving chemo in the hospital. My sister always told me that she loved them, so I thought it would be nice to pass them on to her. I put glasses in the package because she was with me when I won them at Dodger Stadium. Lastly, I included a bracelet and necklace because they hold sentimental value to me and she knows why. I really enjoyed taking the time out of my day to create the perfect package for my sister.

Some Questions:

  1. How is sending someone an ACP similar to sending someone a Snapchat?

Sending someone an ACP is similar to Snapchat in the sense that they are both a means of communication. Also, they are both interactive. On snapchat within seconds you can respond back to a snap. Even though it takes a little longer to respond to an ACP, when it arrives you have to physically interact with the package (see what’s inside) and then respond back.

  1. How is sending someone an ACP different from sending them a Snapchat?

Sending someone an ACP differs from Snapchat because it takes longer to communicate through an ACP, as opposed to Snapchat. I also think that they differ in meaning/content. I feel that an ACP is more personal/ thoughtful. Through Snapchat we tend to send irrelevant things such as photos of our food, us in the new filters, and so much more.

  1. What do you think of ephemera? Is it precious? Or trash? Does it gain in value over time? Does your grandma’s parking ticket from half a century ago mean something to you? What about her tickets from Woodstock? What might your grandkids think if you one day gave them the bead bracelet you wore at Coachella?

I think ephemera is precious, but can be seem as trash to those who do not know its sentimental value. Overtime, ephemera can gain value. For example, a rare $2.00 bill can increase in value over time. My grandmas ticket from a century a go can mean something to me depending on its sentimental value. For example, what if when my grandma was getting that parking ticket while she was doing something historical. I feel that if I gave my grandkids my bracelet from Coachella they might feel that is cool and sentimental. They could also feel comforted when I pass that they have a piece of me. It could also remind them of all of the memories / stories I told them about what happened at Coachella.

  1. Is there a difference between art that is seen by many people, like a painting in the Museum of Modern Art, and art that is seen by few, like the ACP you send to someone?

Yes, I feel that there is a difference. Paintings in museums are not as intimate/private as ACP’s. Through ACP you do not have to worry about censoring you feelings or your art. For example, through ACP you can write love letters or send controversial art without the fear of being criticized by the whole world.

  1. You can take a Snapchat and a friend on the other side of the globe can view it, all within seconds. To make an ACP and send it even to a nearby friend will take days. Does this time and effort difference mean something? How is fast better? How is slow better?

I feel that the time and effort does make a difference. I feel that even though sending and putting together an ACP takes longer, it is more thoughtful and sentimental. With an ACP you can physically keep what is in the package. Overtime, this can become something sentimental that you keep through generations. I feel that taking the time to actually think about what you are going to send to someone creates this deeper connection showing that you actually care for this person. Even though sending snaps is faster, they do not really carry the same value as an ACP. Sending a snap takes little thought, and does not really contain any substance. For example, in ACP you tailor your package to the interest of both you and the person you are sending the package too. Whereas, in snapchat you send random snaps just because.

  1. People sometimes say things like “prepare a meal with love.” Can you prepare a meal with love as fast as you can get food at a McDonald’s drive-thru? Does an ACP have the possibility of containing a sort of “love” different from a Snapchat?

I think that taking the time to cook and physically taking time out of your day to make food for others is more sentimental than getting fast food. When you cook for someone you personally know, you tend to make the meal with love/ effort. This differs from fast food. I personally feel that fast food is not prepared with love, they kind of crank out food in an assembly line as fast as possible. I think an ACP carries the same kind of love as making a meal for someone you know. Both require time, preparation, thought, and love on some level.

Wk 4-Artist Conversation-Josh Vasquez

Artist: Josh Vasquez


oil on canvas

Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website (email): Josh.Vasquez1@gmail.com

Instagram: @Joshybehr

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 About the Artist: Josh is a senior majoring in Drawing and Painting. He enjoys writing poetry and is inspired by Los Angeles. He also likes going to the movies.

 Formal Analysis: The works in the exhibition were made with oils on canvas. He used oils from a wide range of colors. He used bright colors such as orange and yellow as well as some dark colors such as dark blue and dark purple. His work was presented in an array of colors either spread across the canvas horizontally or vertically. His colors differed at times because he would work on an art piece then moved onto another and then came back to his previous work. Since he alternated from one art piece to the another, not all of the colors are a perfect match, but they are still quiet similar to each other. His works also had phrases such as “love” and “I love the way you fall asleep” written in a graffiti style. Similar to something you might see in Los Angeles.

Content Analysis: While doing this exhibition, over the course of two months, Josh neglected feedback on his art so that outside influence did not alter his works. Josh’s exhibition is inspired by Los Angeles. He often explored different places in Los Angeles to color swatch. He refers to Los Angeles as a woman and focused on his love towards her. In his exhibition, he wanted to bring Los Angeles to the gallery in a subtle way. He did this by bringing palm trees into the space. He spray-painted them black to symbolize the palm trees silhouette around sunset. To create his works he worked on the ground first and then started to layer on top of it. He would then write graffiti and then cover it up with layers of similar colors.

Synthesis / My Experience: I felt that this art spoke to me because walking through his exhibit I felt a sense of calmness and peace. I enjoyed the fact that he chose to make an exhibit on sunsets. I find sunsets romantic and beautiful. When I asked him about his inspiration, at first he played a joke on me, and he said that he drew inspiration from dogs. After a minute, he said I am just joking. His inspiration is Los Angeles. He said that referring to LA as a “she”helped him create poetry and art. I overall enjoyed this because his work had an in love and vibrant vibe. His art displayed the love he has for LA. I thought that it was awesome that he incorporated LA’s sunset, graffiti, and palm trees. I loved that he wrote,”I love to watch you fall asleep” symbolizing that he loves to see LA sleep; hence his art is of the sun sleeping. I feel that his art was full of life and beauty. Seeing his art, made me feel happy and serene. Overall I enjoyed his work!

Wk3- Artist Conversation- La Rosa

Artist: La Rosa

Exhibition:La Rosa Art Exhibition

acrylic, ink, spray paint, and candle wax (“Fall With Me”)

Gallery:Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: http://www.larosabird.co

Instagram: @larosa.artist

 About the Artist: La Rosa is a junior undergraduate student. He just started studying art last semester. He is currently studying for his BA in Studio Art. Art is his primary interest. He enjoys creating and exploring art. He also finds it interesting to see how people react to his works of art. Art is not the only thing he is interested in, he also enjoys film photography. He says, “I love the way it works and how authentic the photos come out when compared to a digital camera”. La Rosa also loves coffee and listening to music on his vinyls.

 Formal Analysis: The works in the exhibition were made by combinations of acrylic, ink, spray paint, candle wax, masking tape, and wood. The spray paint often went out of the lines and onto the picture frames. The acrylics were used on the canvas and were very colorful. He uses colors such as blue, red, pink, green, orange, yellow, and white. His art piece in the first photo had words spray painted onto it, the words were straight on the canvas. It also has sections of smeared, stretched out paint concentrated around the words. The second photo has different shades of blue and white acrylic paint presented in a whimsical way as the background. In the center, there is a huge, beautiful white rose with a green stem. The last photo is a broken glass bottle on a tan canvas that has black, red, white. The broken glass bottle has a sharp, rugged look. While the red and white spilling out of the broken bottle has a waxy texture.

Content AnalysisLa Rosas exhibition is about capturing the feelings of human emotions. He claims his exhibition shows how “to grasp on the sense of wonder and honesty, to love and to love what’s broken, to be stuck in mystery, and to embrace madness, to be aware and unaware, to forever feel and chase the beautiful.” In his artwork he pulls inspiration from emotions, beauty, and youthfulness. He also says that his art is about exploring, “Love, broken love, rebellion, hope, and the overall chase for beauty.”

Synthesis / My Experience: I really enjoyed La Rosa’s art exhibition because I felt as if I could relate to it. I felt that his exhibition did capture human emotion, specifically love and careless fun. His art provoked the feeling of love, fun, beauty and heartbreak. I felt emotional seeing his work. As I walked through the gallery, and saw his artwork, I couldn’t help but to also feel a sense of calmness, happiness, and sadness. By this I mean, the idea that love can make you feel so many emotions was overwhelming in a good way. I feel that his artwork also raised a sense of fun and youthfulness. His works made me realize that when we are young, we seek adventure and can fall in love so hard. I loved the fact that his artwork was spray painted as if his art was coming out of the frame. This created the illusion that the art could not be contained or in other words the emotion the art was capturing was so overwhelming it consumed the barrier (the frame). I really enjoyed that he did this because I feel that it showed that this feeling was out in the real world and could almost grab you and suck you into that emotion. For example, when we fall in love it can feel as if our feelings become overwhelming in both positive and negative ways. I loved the first photo below because it made me feel youthful, rebellious, and appreciative of life. The second photo spoke to me because the caption was so beautiful and made me realize that sometimes it can be difficult to admit we have feelings for someone, and have these fears that this feeling/attraction won’t be reciprocated. I thought this because his art piece has a rose which symbolizes beauty yet it is painted in a blue background which could indicate doubt and or even sadness to realize that he really wants this person and may even feel that without them life is not complete. The third photo spoke to me in two different ways. I felt that it could either show that love can be toxic and or that the right kind of love can complete you. At first, I thought it was showing that love could be toxic and dangerous because the broken love potion had sharp glass and looked as if blood was spilling out of it. Perhaps saying that falling in love has never worked out. Second, I felt it could also mean that if you find the right person you do not need to drink a “love potion” that you need to repeat/drink when the love has run out. Hence, the broken bottle symbolizes that no love potion is needed because they do not need a love potion to feel the love between them. They have already “fallen in love together,” and do not need artificial love anymore. Overall I loved his artwork.







Wk3-Classmate Conversation-Sara Riveribark

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Sara. I briefly met Sara during the Caster Plasting Activity in Seal Beach. By briefly, I mean that she helped me pour the wet sand around my hand and foot. (Thank you so much for that.) Beside this, her name was pretty much all I knew about her. I am so glad that I did this weeks classmate conversation with her. Sara is majoring in Organismal Biology because she loves science. Before this, she was thinking of being a Veterinarian but changed her mind because she could not stand the fact of preforming surgery on animals. She lived in Central Valley with her parents and her adorable dog Zander, until she came to CSULB to study. (Below I attached a photo of her dog.) On her free time she loves reading. Like I mean a lot! She enjoys reading the Harry Potter series and the Lord of the Rings series. Her birthday is on March 5. She will be 19! When she was in elementary school she went to a private school in Indiana. At age 17 she graduated High School in California. I am so glad to have gotten to know Sara. Below is a photo of Sara and I.. Oohhh and Zander!

Sara and I                                                 Zander

Sara’s wordpress : http://www.read4life2017.wordpress.com

Wk2-Art Experience-Landscapes with a Corpse

Today I went back to the Seal Beach Pier to do the Landscapes with a Corpse activity.  I was inspired by the idea of dying of a broken heart. To capture this idea, I decided to lay on the beach “dead” with little hearts scattered around me. I am holding a bouquet of flowers to symbolize my funeral at the beach. While doing this project, I was a bit uncomfortable because people on the beach did stare at me lying “dead” on the floor. My sister tried as quickly as possible to take the photos so that I could get up from the ground. However, by lying there “dead” everybody suddenly disappeared. I actually felt quiet calm laying on the beach as still as possible. This project allowed me to take a break from the world and check out for a few minutes. Overall,  I enjoyed doing this project because lying on the beach dead actually made me feel a sense of peace regarding death. I personally used to fear death, however within the last four years my perspective has changed due to difficult life situations. I now view death as a part of life and as something that should not be feared.

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Wk 2-Classmate Conversation -Colene Encarnado

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Colene. I am so glad Professor Gleen told us to talk to someone across the room because that is how I met Colene. Straight of the bat we connected with Nursing. Colene is a second year student at CSULB. Originally she was pursuing Nursing, but is currently pursing Psychology. After she receives her bachelor’s in Psychology she hopes to do an accelerated Nursing program. You go girl! Colene shared that she comes from a family of nurses. I asked her “if you can pick any career (besides nursing) what would it be?” She answered with ” a person who makes animations or electronic comic strips.” I found this extremely interesting. Below is a photo of Colene (left) and I (right).