Wk 10 – Artist Conversation- Brittany Waters

Artist: Brittany Waters


Low fire clay, glazed

Dutzi Gallery

About the Artist: Brittany is a graduating senior who is majoring in ceramics (BFA). She intends to look for grad schools in Oregon after graduatiom. She wants to move out of California. She enjoys the art that the East Coast has to offer. Brittany loves working with clay. She drew her inspiration from the beach in Hawaii.

Formal Analysis: Brittany’s exhibit brings awareness to turtle nesting grounds. She says, “I want to create a sense of awe, and remind people of the beauty and tranquility of a beach that serves a different purpose, more than just a sandbox it can be a habitat for beautiful fragile creatures.”

Content Analysis: Brittany used low fire clay and then glazed her ceramics.

Synthesis / My Experience: I enjoyed walking through her exhibit because it took me to the beach. I enjoyed seeing all of the little sea turtles walking towards the ocean. I felt as if I was watching the turtles hatch right in front of me. I enjoyed that she took such a beautiful thing in nature and brought it into the gallery. I also like that she actually brought sand into the gallery. This really transformed the gallery into the beach.




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