Wk1-Art Experience- Plaster Casting

Today, I went to the Seal Beach Pier to do the Plaster Casting Activity. At Seal Beach I met up with some classmates and Professor Glenn. For the activity,  I had decided to try doing both my hand and feet. To start off the activity, I dug two large holes. Then, I stepped into the hole with my foot, while a fellow classmate poured wet sand around my foot. After this, I packed the sand in with my hands and gently slid my foot out of the hole. This was a bit difficult because the sand kept caving in, but in the end the result came out pretty well. In the next hole, I placed my hand into the hole, while my classmate helped pack wet sand around my hand. I then carefully slipped out my hand from the hole. Next, I opened the plaster box and poured it in my orange bucket and added water to it. I stirred vigorously until the consistency was just right. After I was done mixing the plaster and water, I quickly poured the plaster into the two holes (which was a bit difficult). Then I waited thirty minutes. During the thirty minutes, I enjoyed some iced tea (thanks Glenn), and made some new friends. After the thirty minutes, I carefully carved around the plaster and removed it from the hole in the sand. Overall, I enjoyed this activity and would definitely do it again. Below you can see my results.


Wk1-Classmate Conversation- Jorge Hernandez

In class, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jorge. I asked Jorge to “tell me about something that nobody knows about him” and he said that his middle name is Israel. Jorge is a sophomore majoring in Biology. He considers himself as the type of student who receives A’s and B’s. Jorge’s parents inspire him to do well in school. He is taking Art 110 because he needs GE credit. His favorite color is blue and he has a baby husky that has blue eyes. He enjoys going out with friends and playing basketball. Even though he may come off as shy, he is very sociable. He loves to eat In-N-Out, so you can catch him there socializing. Although he enjoys being out and about, he also enjoys sleeping. If he could be any animal in the world, he says he would be “a sloth because of the fact that they sleep… a lot.”  If he had the choice of being indoors or at the beach, he says he would “definitely be at the beach.” unnamed