Wk 11- Artist Conversation- Geometry of Grief

Artist: Soroush Moghim

Geometry of Grief

Clay, silicon, urethane resin, crystal clear, cross stitch, bronze , plexy glass

Max L. Gatov Gallery East

About the Artist: Soroush is a senior majoring in Sculpture. He was born in Iran. On his free time he likes rock climbing, nature, photography, the movies, and food. He is fascinated by nature and by what other people create.  He loves music, his friend actually produce the music you hear while walking through the gallery.

Formal Analysis: “My art is pointing at the sublime, which lies hidden in the ordinary. Excellence in design is only an illusion. In embracing the imperfection of design I feel closer to something real. Similarly I embrace the imperfection on human connection, along with all the happiness and grief that overshadows it daily. I find inspiration in the simple things that surround me everyday. Like the beaming sun through the trees, or ripples on the walls reflected by colorful lights, both of which are layered in one of my installations here.”

Content Analysis: He used clay then mold silicon then casted with urethane resin, crystal clear

Synthesis / My Experience: I enjoyed walking through his gallery. I liked that it was dark with nature sounds in the background. It made the gallery have a serene vibe. I thought it was fascinating and beautiful. His violin blew my mind it was complex and detailed and just beautiful. (ps. he made it !!!) I also enjoyed seeing the cross stitch his mother made. Thank you for sharing your art.


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