Wk 10- Art Experience- The Wedge


Shout out to the CSULB student who volunteered to take a picture with the wedge.


unnamed-3 The USU Wedge, is known as a pedestrian traffic jam. Some people love this and some people hate this wedge. However, all CSULB students know about this wedge and acknowledge this architecture. In my sketch above, I decided to do two sketches. The first  sketch keeps the original wedge, and incorporates more wedges to improve the flow of traffic. For the second sketch, I decided to knock out the middle piece so that the wedge is eliminated so students can cross through a giant square that has plenty of room. I feel that both these sketches can improve the flow of traffic.  To sum up my plans, sketch one would keep the wedge and the second would eliminate the wedge. These both would eliminate traffic jams. I feel that sketch one would be ideal because it keeps the beloved wedge and incorporates more wedges. Those who do not like the wedge mostly dislike it because they dread the pedestrian jam it creates. Sketch one would allow students to walk through several wedges, thus improving the flow of traffic. I feel that student would enjoy walking through sketch one and reminisce about the times when the had to squeeze through the CSULB wedge. Overall, I feel that sketch one is the best.


Wk 9 – Artist Conversation- Antonio Hernandez

Artist: Antonio Hernandez unnamed

One Body

Acrylic paint, cardboard,paper, bubble wrap

Max L. Gatov Gallery East

About the Artist: Antonio is a freshman at CSULB. He is originally from south Los Angeles and is dorming at Beachside. He is studying pre-marketing, but he doesn’t feel like that major will stick. He is interested in film and enjoys going to the movies with friends. He is in a Christian club at school known as Inter-Varsity. In the club they have bible study where they worship God. Antonio feels that he is growing in his spirituality. As a club they decided to do an art project based around God and different communities. The art galley is full of individual art pieces by different artist, yet they all share the same theme “communities”. The group worked on this art gallery for about 2months.

Formal Analysis: This is an exhibition about ” being in a community of friends and family that came from different backgrounds.”  This exhibit shows differences within communities. “Despite our conflicts, we could reconcile and forgive one another because of our faith in Jesus. We learn to accept one another, despite our differences, because Jesus has accepted and forgave us first.”

Content Analysis: Antonio used acrylic paint, cardboard,paper, bubble wrap to create his bridge.

Synthesis / My Experience: I enjoyed seeing this gallery because it was diverse. I enjoyed the fact that the art was created by both art and non-art majors. I also enjoyed that so many people contributed to this art gallery which was perfect since this exhibition focused on different communities. I felt that this art exhibit was spiritually uplifting and positive. I enjoyed seeing art that displays despite all our differences we are all humans. Our diversity and acceptance of one another is what makes the world go round.

Wk 9 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

This week we had to spray paint our name in bubble letters. I started by asking my dad if we had any spray paint. He said that we should have some somewhere in the garage. After looking for about 10min for the spray paint at last we found them. He had black, yellow, and white. Unfortunately, there was no more black. I knew we had cardboard so I decided to spray paint on it. I first set the cardboard on the table and sketched the bubble letters with a pencil. After sketching, I placed the cardboard on the floor and started to spray paint onto it. I used the white and yellow spray paint, but halfway through I ran out of yellow. I kind of expected to run out of yellow spray paint since my name is 9 letters long and the bottle felt light. So, I decided to finger paint the rest of it. I enjoyed this activity, but sadly I did not have time to go to the Venice Art Walls. One day I need to make a trip out there to check out the art work.

Wk8- Classmate Conversation- Emelina Virga


Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Emelina. I met her the first day of class and instantly became good friends with her. First off, we talked about her name. She told me that her mothers friends name is Lina (who lives in Torino) and her mother love apples. So Lina plus apple in italian “mela” was her mothers inspiration for Emelina. How cool is it that her mother played with her favorite name and fruit. I think Emelina is such a beautiful name. Emelina is at CSULB studying International and Italian Studies! She even studied abroad in Italy. (Which is cheaper than attending CSULB…Jawwww drop.) We then talked about Italy because I expressed to her that I had been to Italy as well. I was there for a week and she was there for a year.  When I was in Italy I did all of the touristy things. However, Emelina said she did not actually do touristy things until the last few weeks of her study abroad program. Have no fear! Emelina has sucessufully persuaded her dad to take a family trip this year to Italy! So she now can explore Italy even more! We then talked about New York. Emelina lived in New York specifically the Bronx. I thought this was so funny because I just went to New York for the first time during winter break of 2016. I joked about her being from Jennifer Lopez’s neighborhood. She then went on to tell me that she actually attended the same Catholic, all girl church school, Preston, which JLo attended. I had a great time talking to Emelina and learned that we have traveled to a lot of similar places.


Below is a collage of our conversation:



Wk 8- Art Experience- Finger Painting


  • What was the experience like?

I thought this was a fun experience. I have not finger painted in a long time. While painting, I realized that I am a messy painter. I enjoyed mixing colors and throwing them onto the canvas. I felt relaxed painting and noticed that I was leaning towards dark colors. I was not in a gloomy mood, I just gravated towards the dark colors I mixed. To brighten up my canvas I added a sun. This photo is my representation of a sunset.

  • Was it easier, harder, or different than you expected?

I think this art project was a bit difficult because the canvas was huge. I had a hard time spreading paint all over the canvas. However, with that being said it was also the funest part because I was able to stretch paint across the canvas.

  • How was the experience of making a painting with no subject? Confusing & Frustrating? Liberating & Inspiring?

I think painting without a subject was liberating and calming. I started off by mixing paints together because I did not like the red, blue, green, and yellow in the kit. I started off by finger painting all over the place. I painted in a wind wiper motions. I personally enjoyed the fact that this project could be whatever it wanted to be. When I first started off, I did not plan to do a sunset. The sunset just kind of happened. Overall, I am pleased with the finished product.

  • How does this compare to other paintings you have seen?

I feel that my painting is similar to those out there. When finger painting, pair sort of goes all over the page. In finger painting there are usually several colors and paint stretched or splattered all over the canvas.

Here are some more photos below:


Me mixing Paint


Close up


Zoomed out

Wk 7- Artist Conversation-Elena Roznovan

Artist: Elena Roznovan

Stop and Stare

photograph, filters

Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Instagram/ Twitter: @eroznovan

About the Artist: Elena is a 2nd year student at CSULB. For now art is her main priority but she also enjoys collecting vinyls and writing. She enjoys shooting the desert because she finds it cool that many seem to have this preconceived notion that deserts are empty, yet she finds that the desert is a good place to see the sky change.

Formal Analysis: The transparent screens are usually used as filters to eliminate glare, but she is using them for transition of color. She says, ” The transparence captures the light in a different way.” So she is using the filters in an unconventional way.

Content Analysis: In the gallery space, Elena focused on the concept of time and construction of images. This is known as phenomenology. Her goal was to challenge the viewers perspective by using moving pictures and space. She says, “While spatial scale is a principle mediator of a body’s experience of time, the moving image is a technologically mediated 2D window containing 4D content that is a representation of a 3D experience.”

Synthesis / My Experience: I enjoyed her art exhibition because I felt a sense of calmness in her gallery. She provided a bench in her gallery. I enjoyed that she did this because it gave me a place to sit and marvel at her beautiful photographs.Her photographs of the desert were displayed from a projector onto the wall. I enjoyed the gallery because her gallery had a whimsical feel with the films hanging from the ceiling. I also enjoyed that it was dark in her exhibition. The exhibit also impressed me because it felt as if you were stepping into another world because you enter through black curtains. The outer world was very loud and busy yet when I walked into her gallery suddenly every noise disappeared. I felt serene. Thank you Elena for allowing me to mentally check out for a while and breath and marvel at nature.


Wk 7- Classmate Conversation-Bernadette Villena


Today I had the pleasure of meeting Bernadette again! I ran into her week one at Seal Beach during the Plaster Casting Activity.We were both equally as confused on how to do the activity. Luckily Sara, a fellow classmate, helped us out. Bernadette and I, both hope to one day become Pediatric Nurses. We bonded over nursing classes and shared our future nursing goals with each other. She says that she wants to be a nurse because she loves helping others and because her parents encourage her to do so. Bernadette’s sister is also studying to be a nurse. This is cool because her sister helps her out and advises her to take certain classes. Bernadette loves kids and dogs, just like me! We have a lot in common. So glad she walked up to me today and asked to do the classmate convo with me. Below , we decided to use a snapchat filter just for fun. Check it out below!



Wk 6-Art Experience – Flipbook


For my flip book I drew my inspiration from the Disney movie “UP”. I have always loved this movie, so I felt that this assignment was perfect to show my appreciation for this movie. I decided to create a flip book in which the first thing you see is balloons coming out from the bottom right corner floating towards the top left corner. Once you are almost done flipping, the house begins to appear and at last the house floats off the page. I really enjoyed doing this project. I also found it interesting to learn how to sew this little flip book together. I chose to use a lot of pages so at times it was difficult to pull the needle through the holes, luckily I managed to do it with some help from Professor Glenn (Thanks Glenn) . Unfortunately, I could not upload a video but here are some pictures.

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Wk 6- Artist Conversation-Ariel Maldonado

This week Professor Glenn changed up this assignment. Normally, I tell you about the media used, the artist inspiration, my art experience, and so on. However, this week we were told to choose and art piece that we could write a story on. I chose this art piece by Ariel Maldonado because it reminded me of scene out of Mario Cart.

 Talk To Strangers

Ariel Maldonado
CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

The Great Race

There were 2 laps left to go and Leo was in 5th place. He was gaining speed and was close to catching up to Alex who was in 2nd place. VROOOM!! VROOM! The crowd went crazy cheering on Leo. With all the energy from his fans, Leo punched it and was now in 1st place. Just as Leo passed the third lap mark, his tire popped. Determined to win, Leo punched it and continued on the fourth lap. He was now in the inner circle. As he reached the half way point he realized that his racecar was not going to make it. He punched it again and jumped out of the car. The car swerved to the right. He then decided to run the course and finish the race first. Sweat was dripping down his face as he could see the finish line. With all his energy he threw himself across the finished line and the horns went off signaling he had one. (Little did he know that when he jumped out his car, his car swerved right and blocked the other drivers). Just as he got up from the floor he noticed a puff of smoke and saw the cars all smashed into each other. The drivers were all mad and were yelling at Leo,”You cheated!” This did not seem to faze Leo. Leo then said,”HA! Smoked them,” and lived to tell his grandchildren about “the great race.”



Wk 5- Artist Conversation -Yeri Hwang


Artist: Yeri Hwang

Within Us

wood, plaster, latex, acrylic, drywall, gears, electronics, mirrors and fake candles.

Max L. Gatov Gallery East


Instagram/ Twitter: yeriyeti

About the Artist: Yeri is a multidisciplinary artist. She does illustration and kinetic sculptures. She is a senior at CSULB, and is majoring in Studio Art (BSN). Besides art she enjoys story telling and graphic novels. When she did art she originally focused on animation, but then decided to broaden her horizon and explore different kinds of art, such as electronic art as seen in her exhibition. She started doing this sort of electronic/ interactive art about a year ago. She says that her art is made for everyone and not just art majors. She says that it is not fair that some art, requires you to be an art major to understand it. When asked how she feels to see her work open to the public, she responded with ” It is scary to see others view my art.”

Formal Analysis: The works in this piece were made with wood, plaster, latex, acrylic, drywall, gears, electronics, mirrors and fake candles.

Content Analysis: Yeri claims that in her exhibition, ” Each piece in this space are common motifs we see in a narrative; there is a specific order to this particular narrative. I ask of you to become the protagonist of this world and play in this space where we all unite under our fundamental need for a story. Take on this journey.” She also talks about conquering traumas and our ideal versions of our past, present, and future.

Synthesis / My Experience: I enjoyed her exhibition because it was interactive. I had a fun time pressing buttons, moving gears, and touching the sword. Her exhibition made me feel in control and powerful. My favorite piece was ” Choice and Commitment” (the sword), because it was captioned with” We all have to make decisions that we are never sure if it is right. When the time comes, take a leap of faith. Grab your sword and take on the world.” This was so powerful because I felt as if I was in control of my life and could conquer anything that gets in my way. When I touched the sword, it lit up and then fell over. (gaaaaaasssppp!!!)  Luckily, Yeri fixed it and told me that her art was ok. We joked about it by saying ,”the sword chose me”! I was also blown away by her baby art piece “Destiny” as a student pursuing nursing, of course I geeked out seeing it! I really enjoyed that Yeri asked us to put our names on a piece of paper and then put it into the baby through the umbilical cord. It was as if I was connected with her art piece. Overall I loved her art and had so much fun in her gallery.

Here are her art works below: