Wk 10- Art Experience- The Wedge


Shout out to the CSULB student who volunteered to take a picture with the wedge.


unnamed-3 The USU Wedge, is known as a pedestrian traffic jam. Some people love this and some people hate this wedge. However, all CSULB students know about this wedge and acknowledge this architecture. In my sketch above, I decided to do two sketches. The first  sketch keeps the original wedge, and incorporates more wedges to improve the flow of traffic. For the second sketch, I decided to knock out the middle piece so that the wedge is eliminated so students can cross through a giant square that has plenty of room. I feel that both these sketches can improve the flow of traffic.  To sum up my plans, sketch one would keep the wedge and the second would eliminate the wedge. These both would eliminate traffic jams. I feel that sketch one would be ideal because it keeps the beloved wedge and incorporates more wedges. Those who do not like the wedge mostly dislike it because they dread the pedestrian jam it creates. Sketch one would allow students to walk through several wedges, thus improving the flow of traffic. I feel that student would enjoy walking through sketch one and reminisce about the times when the had to squeeze through the CSULB wedge. Overall, I feel that sketch one is the best.


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