Wk 9 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

This week we had to spray paint our name in bubble letters. I started by asking my dad if we had any spray paint. He said that we should have some somewhere in the garage. After looking for about 10min for the spray paint at last we found them. He had black, yellow, and white. Unfortunately, there was no more black. I knew we had cardboard so I decided to spray paint on it. I first set the cardboard on the table and sketched the bubble letters with a pencil. After sketching, I placed the cardboard on the floor and started to spray paint onto it. I used the white and yellow spray paint, but halfway through I ran out of yellow. I kind of expected to run out of yellow spray paint since my name is 9 letters long and the bottle felt light. So, I decided to finger paint the rest of it. I enjoyed this activity, but sadly I did not have time to go to the Venice Art Walls. One day I need to make a trip out there to check out the art work.


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