Wk8- Classmate Conversation- Emelina Virga


Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Emelina. I met her the first day of class and instantly became good friends with her. First off, we talked about her name. She told me that her mothers friends name is Lina (who lives in Torino) and her mother love apples. So Lina plus apple in italian “mela” was her mothers inspiration for Emelina. How cool is it that her mother played with her favorite name and fruit. I think Emelina is such a beautiful name. Emelina is at CSULB studying International and Italian Studies! She even studied abroad in Italy. (Which is cheaper than attending CSULB…Jawwww drop.) We then talked about Italy because I expressed to her that I had been to Italy as well. I was there for a week and she was there for a year.  When I was in Italy I did all of the touristy things. However, Emelina said she did not actually do touristy things until the last few weeks of her study abroad program. Have no fear! Emelina has sucessufully persuaded her dad to take a family trip this year to Italy! So she now can explore Italy even more! We then talked about New York. Emelina lived in New York specifically the Bronx. I thought this was so funny because I just went to New York for the first time during winter break of 2016. I joked about her being from Jennifer Lopez’s neighborhood. She then went on to tell me that she actually attended the same Catholic, all girl church school, Preston, which JLo attended. I had a great time talking to Emelina and learned that we have traveled to a lot of similar places.


Below is a collage of our conversation:




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