Wk 7- Artist Conversation-Elena Roznovan

Artist: Elena Roznovan

Stop and Stare

photograph, filters

Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Instagram/ Twitter: @eroznovan

About the Artist: Elena is a 2nd year student at CSULB. For now art is her main priority but she also enjoys collecting vinyls and writing. She enjoys shooting the desert because she finds it cool that many seem to have this preconceived notion that deserts are empty, yet she finds that the desert is a good place to see the sky change.

Formal Analysis: The transparent screens are usually used as filters to eliminate glare, but she is using them for transition of color. She says, ” The transparence captures the light in a different way.” So she is using the filters in an unconventional way.

Content Analysis: In the gallery space, Elena focused on the concept of time and construction of images. This is known as phenomenology. Her goal was to challenge the viewers perspective by using moving pictures and space. She says, “While spatial scale is a principle mediator of a body’s experience of time, the moving image is a technologically mediated 2D window containing 4D content that is a representation of a 3D experience.”

Synthesis / My Experience: I enjoyed her art exhibition because I felt a sense of calmness in her gallery. She provided a bench in her gallery. I enjoyed that she did this because it gave me a place to sit and marvel at her beautiful photographs.Her photographs of the desert were displayed from a projector onto the wall. I enjoyed the gallery because her gallery had a whimsical feel with the films hanging from the ceiling. I also enjoyed that it was dark in her exhibition. The exhibit also impressed me because it felt as if you were stepping into another world because you enter through black curtains. The outer world was very loud and busy yet when I walked into her gallery suddenly every noise disappeared. I felt serene. Thank you Elena for allowing me to mentally check out for a while and breath and marvel at nature.



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