Wk 7- Classmate Conversation-Bernadette Villena


Today I had the pleasure of meeting Bernadette again! I ran into her week one at Seal Beach during the Plaster Casting Activity.We were both equally as confused on how to do the activity. Luckily Sara, a fellow classmate, helped us out. Bernadette and I, both hope to one day become Pediatric Nurses. We bonded over nursing classes and shared our future nursing goals with each other. She says that she wants to be a nurse because she loves helping others and because her parents encourage her to do so. Bernadette’s sister is also studying to be a nurse. This is cool because her sister helps her out and advises her to take certain classes. Bernadette loves kids and dogs, just like me! We have a lot in common. So glad she walked up to me today and asked to do the classmate convo with me. Below , we decided to use a snapchat filter just for fun. Check it out below!




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