Wk 6- Artist Conversation-Ariel Maldonado

This week Professor Glenn changed up this assignment. Normally, I tell you about the media used, the artist inspiration, my art experience, and so on. However, this week we were told to choose and art piece that we could write a story on. I chose this art piece by Ariel Maldonado because it reminded me of scene out of Mario Cart.

 Talk To Strangers

Ariel Maldonado
CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

The Great Race

There were 2 laps left to go and Leo was in 5th place. He was gaining speed and was close to catching up to Alex who was in 2nd place. VROOOM!! VROOM! The crowd went crazy cheering on Leo. With all the energy from his fans, Leo punched it and was now in 1st place. Just as Leo passed the third lap mark, his tire popped. Determined to win, Leo punched it and continued on the fourth lap. He was now in the inner circle. As he reached the half way point he realized that his racecar was not going to make it. He punched it again and jumped out of the car. The car swerved to the right. He then decided to run the course and finish the race first. Sweat was dripping down his face as he could see the finish line. With all his energy he threw himself across the finished line and the horns went off signaling he had one. (Little did he know that when he jumped out his car, his car swerved right and blocked the other drivers). Just as he got up from the floor he noticed a puff of smoke and saw the cars all smashed into each other. The drivers were all mad and were yelling at Leo,”You cheated!” This did not seem to faze Leo. Leo then said,”HA! Smoked them,” and lived to tell his grandchildren about “the great race.”




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