Wk 5- Artist Conversation -Yeri Hwang


Artist: Yeri Hwang

Within Us

wood, plaster, latex, acrylic, drywall, gears, electronics, mirrors and fake candles.

Max L. Gatov Gallery East


Instagram/ Twitter: yeriyeti

About the Artist: Yeri is a multidisciplinary artist. She does illustration and kinetic sculptures. She is a senior at CSULB, and is majoring in Studio Art (BSN). Besides art she enjoys story telling and graphic novels. When she did art she originally focused on animation, but then decided to broaden her horizon and explore different kinds of art, such as electronic art as seen in her exhibition. She started doing this sort of electronic/ interactive art about a year ago. She says that her art is made for everyone and not just art majors. She says that it is not fair that some art, requires you to be an art major to understand it. When asked how she feels to see her work open to the public, she responded with ” It is scary to see others view my art.”

Formal Analysis: The works in this piece were made with wood, plaster, latex, acrylic, drywall, gears, electronics, mirrors and fake candles.

Content Analysis: Yeri claims that in her exhibition, ” Each piece in this space are common motifs we see in a narrative; there is a specific order to this particular narrative. I ask of you to become the protagonist of this world and play in this space where we all unite under our fundamental need for a story. Take on this journey.” She also talks about conquering traumas and our ideal versions of our past, present, and future.

Synthesis / My Experience: I enjoyed her exhibition because it was interactive. I had a fun time pressing buttons, moving gears, and touching the sword. Her exhibition made me feel in control and powerful. My favorite piece was ” Choice and Commitment” (the sword), because it was captioned with” We all have to make decisions that we are never sure if it is right. When the time comes, take a leap of faith. Grab your sword and take on the world.” This was so powerful because I felt as if I was in control of my life and could conquer anything that gets in my way. When I touched the sword, it lit up and then fell over. (gaaaaaasssppp!!!)  Luckily, Yeri fixed it and told me that her art was ok. We joked about it by saying ,”the sword chose me”! I was also blown away by her baby art piece “Destiny” as a student pursuing nursing, of course I geeked out seeing it! I really enjoyed that Yeri asked us to put our names on a piece of paper and then put it into the baby through the umbilical cord. It was as if I was connected with her art piece. Overall I loved her art and had so much fun in her gallery.

Here are her art works below:



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