Wk 5-Art Experience-Automatic Drawing

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I had a fun time doing this Art Experience with my sister Briana. Today is Saturday, it is chilly and everything outside is wet (yesterday there was a storm). My sister and I were at home with nothing to do. I mentioned to her that I had an art assignment due next week but we could do it today if she wanted to. She agreed, so we went to the store to get a piece of paper, went straight home and then sat in the living room to do the activity. It was very funny, because she kept yelling at me to stop forcing her to move the marker one way. To be fair we then switched, so that her hand was on the bottom. She claimed that this gave her a little more control. After this was settled, we drew in silence with our eyes shut alternating the color of the markers.  We free drew for a good 5 minutes in a dim lit room, with our eyes still shut. Once we were all done we took a photo and then I started to add onto what we had made. I added more colors and details and did not realize that almost an hour had passed by and I was still adding to the drawing. So I decided to leave it as is. Thank you Briana for helping me do this activity, I had a great time!

Ps.  Briana, yes I will buy you your hot cheetos for helping me out!

This is how our Automatic Drawing turned out. (Below)


Going Beyond: I  added details to the original Automatic Drawing. (Below)unnamed-4


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