Wk 4-Artist Conversation-Josh Vasquez

Artist: Josh Vasquez


oil on canvas

Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website (email): Josh.Vasquez1@gmail.com

Instagram: @Joshybehr

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 About the Artist: Josh is a senior majoring in Drawing and Painting. He enjoys writing poetry and is inspired by Los Angeles. He also likes going to the movies.

 Formal Analysis: The works in the exhibition were made with oils on canvas. He used oils from a wide range of colors. He used bright colors such as orange and yellow as well as some dark colors such as dark blue and dark purple. His work was presented in an array of colors either spread across the canvas horizontally or vertically. His colors differed at times because he would work on an art piece then moved onto another and then came back to his previous work. Since he alternated from one art piece to the another, not all of the colors are a perfect match, but they are still quiet similar to each other. His works also had phrases such as “love” and “I love the way you fall asleep” written in a graffiti style. Similar to something you might see in Los Angeles.

Content Analysis: While doing this exhibition, over the course of two months, Josh neglected feedback on his art so that outside influence did not alter his works. Josh’s exhibition is inspired by Los Angeles. He often explored different places in Los Angeles to color swatch. He refers to Los Angeles as a woman and focused on his love towards her. In his exhibition, he wanted to bring Los Angeles to the gallery in a subtle way. He did this by bringing palm trees into the space. He spray-painted them black to symbolize the palm trees silhouette around sunset. To create his works he worked on the ground first and then started to layer on top of it. He would then write graffiti and then cover it up with layers of similar colors.

Synthesis / My Experience: I felt that this art spoke to me because walking through his exhibit I felt a sense of calmness and peace. I enjoyed the fact that he chose to make an exhibit on sunsets. I find sunsets romantic and beautiful. When I asked him about his inspiration, at first he played a joke on me, and he said that he drew inspiration from dogs. After a minute, he said I am just joking. His inspiration is Los Angeles. He said that referring to LA as a “she”helped him create poetry and art. I overall enjoyed this because his work had an in love and vibrant vibe. His art displayed the love he has for LA. I thought that it was awesome that he incorporated LA’s sunset, graffiti, and palm trees. I loved that he wrote,”I love to watch you fall asleep” symbolizing that he loves to see LA sleep; hence his art is of the sun sleeping. I feel that his art was full of life and beauty. Seeing his art, made me feel happy and serene. Overall I enjoyed his work!


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