Wk3- Artist Conversation- La Rosa

Artist: La Rosa

Exhibition:La Rosa Art Exhibition

acrylic, ink, spray paint, and candle wax (“Fall With Me”)

Gallery:Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: http://www.larosabird.co

Instagram: @larosa.artist

 About the Artist: La Rosa is a junior undergraduate student. He just started studying art last semester. He is currently studying for his BA in Studio Art. Art is his primary interest. He enjoys creating and exploring art. He also finds it interesting to see how people react to his works of art. Art is not the only thing he is interested in, he also enjoys film photography. He says, “I love the way it works and how authentic the photos come out when compared to a digital camera”. La Rosa also loves coffee and listening to music on his vinyls.

 Formal Analysis: The works in the exhibition were made by combinations of acrylic, ink, spray paint, candle wax, masking tape, and wood. The spray paint often went out of the lines and onto the picture frames. The acrylics were used on the canvas and were very colorful. He uses colors such as blue, red, pink, green, orange, yellow, and white. His art piece in the first photo had words spray painted onto it, the words were straight on the canvas. It also has sections of smeared, stretched out paint concentrated around the words. The second photo has different shades of blue and white acrylic paint presented in a whimsical way as the background. In the center, there is a huge, beautiful white rose with a green stem. The last photo is a broken glass bottle on a tan canvas that has black, red, white. The broken glass bottle has a sharp, rugged look. While the red and white spilling out of the broken bottle has a waxy texture.

Content AnalysisLa Rosas exhibition is about capturing the feelings of human emotions. He claims his exhibition shows how “to grasp on the sense of wonder and honesty, to love and to love what’s broken, to be stuck in mystery, and to embrace madness, to be aware and unaware, to forever feel and chase the beautiful.” In his artwork he pulls inspiration from emotions, beauty, and youthfulness. He also says that his art is about exploring, “Love, broken love, rebellion, hope, and the overall chase for beauty.”

Synthesis / My Experience: I really enjoyed La Rosa’s art exhibition because I felt as if I could relate to it. I felt that his exhibition did capture human emotion, specifically love and careless fun. His art provoked the feeling of love, fun, beauty and heartbreak. I felt emotional seeing his work. As I walked through the gallery, and saw his artwork, I couldn’t help but to also feel a sense of calmness, happiness, and sadness. By this I mean, the idea that love can make you feel so many emotions was overwhelming in a good way. I feel that his artwork also raised a sense of fun and youthfulness. His works made me realize that when we are young, we seek adventure and can fall in love so hard. I loved the fact that his artwork was spray painted as if his art was coming out of the frame. This created the illusion that the art could not be contained or in other words the emotion the art was capturing was so overwhelming it consumed the barrier (the frame). I really enjoyed that he did this because I feel that it showed that this feeling was out in the real world and could almost grab you and suck you into that emotion. For example, when we fall in love it can feel as if our feelings become overwhelming in both positive and negative ways. I loved the first photo below because it made me feel youthful, rebellious, and appreciative of life. The second photo spoke to me because the caption was so beautiful and made me realize that sometimes it can be difficult to admit we have feelings for someone, and have these fears that this feeling/attraction won’t be reciprocated. I thought this because his art piece has a rose which symbolizes beauty yet it is painted in a blue background which could indicate doubt and or even sadness to realize that he really wants this person and may even feel that without them life is not complete. The third photo spoke to me in two different ways. I felt that it could either show that love can be toxic and or that the right kind of love can complete you. At first, I thought it was showing that love could be toxic and dangerous because the broken love potion had sharp glass and looked as if blood was spilling out of it. Perhaps saying that falling in love has never worked out. Second, I felt it could also mean that if you find the right person you do not need to drink a “love potion” that you need to repeat/drink when the love has run out. Hence, the broken bottle symbolizes that no love potion is needed because they do not need a love potion to feel the love between them. They have already “fallen in love together,” and do not need artificial love anymore. Overall I loved his artwork.








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