Wk2-Art Experience-Landscapes with a Corpse

Today I went back to the Seal Beach Pier to do the Landscapes with a Corpse activity.  I was inspired by the idea of dying of a broken heart. To capture this idea, I decided to lay on the beach “dead” with little hearts scattered around me. I am holding a bouquet of flowers to symbolize my funeral at the beach. While doing this project, I was a bit uncomfortable because people on the beach did stare at me lying “dead” on the floor. My sister tried as quickly as possible to take the photos so that I could get up from the ground. However, by lying there “dead” everybody suddenly disappeared. I actually felt quiet calm laying on the beach as still as possible. This project allowed me to take a break from the world and check out for a few minutes. Overall,  I enjoyed doing this project because lying on the beach dead actually made me feel a sense of peace regarding death. I personally used to fear death, however within the last four years my perspective has changed due to difficult life situations. I now view death as a part of life and as something that should not be feared.

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