Wk1-Art Experience- Plaster Casting

Today, I went to the Seal Beach Pier to do the Plaster Casting Activity. At Seal Beach I met up with some classmates and Professor Glenn. For the activity,  I had decided to try doing both my hand and feet. To start off the activity, I dug two large holes. Then, I stepped into the hole with my foot, while a fellow classmate poured wet sand around my foot. After this, I packed the sand in with my hands and gently slid my foot out of the hole. This was a bit difficult because the sand kept caving in, but in the end the result came out pretty well. In the next hole, I placed my hand into the hole, while my classmate helped pack wet sand around my hand. I then carefully slipped out my hand from the hole. Next, I opened the plaster box and poured it in my orange bucket and added water to it. I stirred vigorously until the consistency was just right. After I was done mixing the plaster and water, I quickly poured the plaster into the two holes (which was a bit difficult). Then I waited thirty minutes. During the thirty minutes, I enjoyed some iced tea (thanks Glenn), and made some new friends. After the thirty minutes, I carefully carved around the plaster and removed it from the hole in the sand. Overall, I enjoyed this activity and would definitely do it again. Below you can see my results.


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